Rosy has passion for original and innovative solutions combined with intellectual and thoughtful approaches that lead towards an impressive portfolio of high-concept and notable testimonials. Rosy has been working in the industry for over 14 years starting her career as a celebrity fashion stylist changing or modifying peoples image and brand. Each client Rosy and her team work with is curated with the utmost attention from inception to the final product.

Ramona Messore

Vice President General Manager Saks Fifth Avenue Brickell
Rosy is a passionate and talented woman. She has the ability to connect with and move people. She is thoughtful and hardworking. Definitely makes things happen. I would highly recommend working with or partnering with Rosy on projects in fashion, networking and production.

Tommy Di Maggio

Staffing Manager at PSG
Rosy is my go to for any solid business idea. She has expertise in all industries, from experience with start ups to industry specifics like marketing and design. A simple recommendation like this does not point to the tirelessly creative and passionate individual she is.

Mary Aikoriegie

Director of Business Development at Breaking Media-- | | | | |

Rosy is an exceptional leader! When I worked under her management, she coordinated a project from start to finish including organization, concept conception to implementation. I was well informed on my role and her expectations and felt confident asking her for help. She empowered me to achieve my assigned goals, and encouraged me to maintain the highest of standards when executing. Our project was an overwhelming success.


Mark Moorer

(CW18 Senior Producer / Screenwriter / Emmy winner)

Rosy is a fiercely accomplished stylist and designer. Constantly elevating not only her methods, but giving great care to every project or client that she has. No matter the size, Rosy takes on every job with vigor and explosive creativity. She genuinely cares about her team and her clients. From consulting to mentoring, she lives her brand. A true artist, consummate professional, and an amazing human. There’s only one woman I will call to style me. Only one woman I will refer. Rosy Muto.


Mandi Myers

Frosch Travel

Rosy is attentive, organized, and gives great direction. She specializes in fast paced chaotic events and is a strong leader, always getting the job done. She also has her hand in everything, so she is able to build your event from the bottom up with vendors, staff, travel, logistics.


Benjamin Bruce Sterling

aei.360 CRE8TIVE GROUP A Brand Consultation Firm for Artist Acquisitions, Music Supervision, & Development

Just Rosy Styling has changed AEI's Artist Development Dept by 360 Degrees... We have been developing talented artists for over 12 years now! And Rosy has taken all of our talent to another level of professionalism... We truly recommend Just Rosy Stylings to any and all Artists and Companies who are looking for the next plateau! Thats how great she is!

Bruce Sterling (CEO/President)


Katie Schieffer

Hairstylist, Colorist, and Extension Specialist

I have worked with Rosy numerous times and it is always a pleasure. She is always on point, detail-oriented, and a perfectionist. My favorite thing about her is she is a good leader, manager, and team player. She acts well under pressure and easily adapts to bumps in the road. Rosy is driven. This woman won't stop till she is known around the world…and she commands that type of attention. Rosy is made of super star qualities, it's only a matter of time before the world sees it.


Networks Casting Services &

Rosy is one of the best in the business! Her vision is apparent in her work. She takes what you want and brings it to life. A creative mind without sacrificing quality. Her portfolio has grown to an elite level serving A list talent.I highly recommend Rosy for any production shoot. Big or small, Rosy will always come through for you!


Zoe Nogues

Product Developer
While working alongside Rosy its hard to not see her passion. She is a fierce competitor in the style industry due to her keen eye that catches any faults and her quick movement to fix it. She stays extremely focused and organized while on set and is just a great partner to have for any styling job.

Paulina Schwartsman

Travel Nurse Recruiter- ProLink Healthcare
I would like to take this time to speak about Rosy as a worker. I worked directly with Rosy on the floor at Cusp. Rosy took her work seriously and never hesitated to approach any customer, and with that she could sell anything on the floor with her communication skills. Rosy showed true dedication to her work and learned very quickly. I would recommend Rosy to any company because she will be able to help your business grow.

Cedric Dauphin

New Business Development Manager at TGS (Brand Quadergy Group)
I have very much enjoyed working with Rosy on several photo-shoots. She is very professional and really knows her stuff!

Randall Williams

Celebrity/Master Hair Stylist at Melrose Hair Salon
Rosy is BEAUTIFUL! Visually, in her heart, and has the uncanny ability to harmonize pieces to create hot trendy looks that sell what she's promoting. She's very giving and a pleasure to work with. She's moving up fast....

Liz Fawcett

Lizzrd Productions
I have been working with Rosy the past few years, she is very professional , organized and always on time. I would suggest Rosy and her work to anyone who is interested in a top notch stylist!

Jean Pierre NATAF

Owner, PRESTON LITHO+ studio
She is an amazing stylist who did some big campaigns for me like YMI Jeans.... Jean Pierre Nataf Preston Litho + Studio

Michael J. Goldstein

Managing Director at Prosecco International (wines, spirits & ready-to-drink cocktail brands)

Rosy is a go getter and excellent networker. She has a great support team too. Treat her right and she will go above and beyond your expectations.

Lynney dubiel

Registered nurse at Queens Medical Center
Rosy is a creative and expert stylist who provides personal attention to her clients, is highly reliable, professional, and is a joy to be around. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious.