Social Media & PR

Content Creation for Social Media & PR

JRpros offers a two way communication with your audience and advertisers. Public relations is worthy for your business as it helps meet new customers, increase sales and tells your story. We offer full production services from our in house make up artist, hair stylist, photographers, studio, and creative director. We match your image with your story to establish your brands voice. JRpros also co-produces special events that focuses a bond between your company and the public.

Promotional Events

Gaining new & old customer awareness is turnkey. Special occasions require innovative activations and solutions. Our event management team has had the privilege to in co-producing multiple fashion & corporate events.

Publications & Editorials

Distribution is also a form of communication to the public.
We help your image/brand by creating themed photoshoots
based on your story and goals. Making a big difference in your appearance is our central topic.


Let’s get your audience to understand the big picture. With our in house graphic design and photo team, we provide high-quality & product photoshoots. We use models, controlled lighting environment and have a keen eye for detail.

social media development

content creation

Produce and publish new quality of information that meet your strategic goals and connects your audience


Gathering information & collecting data about your audience to develop unique connections with your followers