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Why is it important to have maintenance after my site is developed? 

In order to assure your website is achieving its full purpose, maintenance is essential. Maintenance not only monitors traffic, provides security by preventing hacks, but also allows us to update the content freely, code to operate, prevents risks from long loading times, broken links, software updates and overall optimization. Maintenance will improve performance and productivity and let's not forget will save you from large cost repairs down the road. 

How much does startup branding cost?

Let’s tell your story through vision, passion and drive! Branding appeals to your demographic and target audience, it’s what separates you from your competitors. We provide custom-made design work and also provide content creation if you don’t already have it. Our prices typically vary per project and the amount of content and design needed; however, an overall idea of prices ranges based on specific requirements and/or if your project just needs updating.  We are delighted to receive your inquiry and discuss what budget permits. 

How long will it take to complete a project?

Completing a project is complex however feasible within its limits. Technology is constantly evolving and depending on the project for example a website design and/or development there are specific updates needed for HTML. Once a project is considered complete there are always additional adjustments also like content, images, banners and more, you may consider adding or updating after your project is live. We always recommend our maintenance services to continue and carry on providing successful results. Visual branding can take up to 6 weeks but with our professional creative direction services we can expedite the process by providing 3 mock ups that include different variations of colors, fonts and layouts. Once you have selected the right look & feel our team can get started. Although the complexity of building websites along with the content that goes with it can differ, we strive to meet exceptions and deadlines.

What do I need to get started?

We are thrilled to hear that you are ready to power your ideas! You can start by telling us a little about yourself! Whether you email, video chat, or send us your social media, we can book the first consultation free and see what services are the best fit for you and your business.

Why do we need a website/social media ?

Websites/social media is our digital footprint. it has now become the store front to your business, brand and identity. Appearing in search engines is not an overnight success. We attract our audience through the vision & back end. Anyone in today’s society needs a reliable staff & creativity that not only can communicate your ideas but also transform them into digital assets. Any business, especially a startup business, needs to focus on creating plenty of content and that can be hard without an all in one creative agency that  offers both creative and IT! There is a lack of online presence for companies that neglect their websites/social and begin to decay just like anything else you let sit around for long periods of time. Save yourself from the headache and it will save you money to put towards your next marketing campaign by collaborating with us today!

How much does a website cost?

For startups and/or companies that have been online over a decade can either cost the same or different depending on the amount of content provided, any outdated back end development. We recommend implementing a budget before getting started and have funding for the initial landing page if you are just getting started.  Keep 15% of your annual revenue for promoting your page and advertising. Having a strong salesperson is the start but your content and vision will make it that much easier to sell your produce, and/or services.

What are your payment terms?

Working with clients from all around the world we have methods of payments in which we can receive.  We thrive to find solutions and productivity.