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JRprosLLC is a think tank for anyone starting a new business from consulting to mentorship, or brands looking for innovation. JRprosLLC has a strong interest in current and future design, technology, and ecological development. Profit from our experience that spans across more than a decade serving notable names in the industry. We can build your brand step by step and walk you through the process.


Events (View Gallery)

Fashion, Corporate, Social, and Special evenings only succeed when JRpros can represent and make all the right decisions for you. Creative Director Rosy Muto is an expert at utilizing the maximum efficiency of shared time and ensuring positive show entertainment. Nothing is more important than a successful evening and good public representation.

Styling and Consulting

Get styled by the international expert Rosy Muto for your planned event; from runway seats or the first dance wedding photos. You imagine the event, and Rosy will prepare you. Muto has been lead stylist in countless fashion weeks, with clients such as Kendall Jenner and 50 Cent.

Magazine/Digital Arts

JRpros works with affiliates so you don't have to! We provide photographers, locations, lights, makeup, etc for you. We know how persky it is to coordinate a large group of creative people into one day. Shoot your brand to the stars via the all-star JRpros team.

Brand Development

Affiliates around the US and globally allow for us to reach higher and broader audiences in order for product success. Knowing what you’d like to sell is your job, reaching your clients is ours. Trust the game plan and watch the numbers rise exponentially when the right measures are taken to market a brand.

Motivational Speaking

At JRpros, Rosy speaks to her mentees about the days she was just starting out in the industry over a decade ago, and the challenges she faced to get to the successful point she now stands in. Rosy has inspired many students working underneath her, yet even those that work with her can always say they learned great positivity and deeper love for their work after understanding her vision and authentic passion.

Websites & Digital Marketing

Whether you already have a website or you’re planning to create one, we can help. JRPros can optimize your online presence or establish it from scratch. Our focus is to keep the process simple for you and provide you with web and social media channels that contribute towards generating traction and sales.

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